Blogtober – Rose

It seems like the autumn weather has finally arrived (though the forecast is for sun later in the week) for good and quite honestly I’m really looking forward to cozy jumpers, hot chocolate and watching way too much Netflix.

With the changing season I’m changing up my makeup/skincare etc time for more moisture, more colour and different scents. Before I go full on plum for winter I’m transitioning through shades of pink. Anything rose always draws me in, since my complexion has always been called ‘English rose’ which is polite for pale, rosy shades seem to work for me.

My new favourite lip balm is Labello lip butter in Raspberry Rosé (DM €2.69).


I’ve seen their natural and vanilla & macadamia before but the flavours/scents don’t really do anything for me, whilst I love a fruity or minty lip product the vanilla ones are usually too overly sweet smelling for me. For me it’s a texture between a butter and a cream, light enough not to feel sticky but thick enough to keep you lips moisturized, even overnight. It works like a dream and the smell is divine, it smells exactly like a strawberry Carambar (French sweets), fruity and sweet but not so strong it’s all you can smell. They also sell a Blueberry blush version which I might have to purchase for a blueberry loving friend of mine.

The Maybelline Color (their spelling not mine) Elixir in 710 Rose redefined (Muller €6.99) seemed like a safe option for a daytime almost lipstick.


The packaging is a little beaten up from hanging around in my handbag for a few weeks but the product itself was a great surprise. I had originally planned to buy a corally apricot shade but unfortunately that one didn’t make it to Germany so I picked a more neutral pinky shade as the fuchsia ones were frankly a little scary looking. The texture is great and non sticky, the little petal shaped brush took a little getting used to but it isn’t a difficult product to apply and look good without using a mirror. Considering it is more of a neutral looking colour it does add a lovely pinky, your lips but better, colour to my lips, and the colour seems to stick around after the gloss has left. The only thing I don’t like is the smell (a little chemically), but at least it doesn’t linger, and the taste, I’m a lip licker which is a habit I’d like to break, so I suppose this helps ;). Maybe I’ll go and pick up a more adventurous colour soon.

Do you have any product recommendations for autumn?

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