Blogtober – Pumpkin time

Since today turned out to be a glorious day we hopped on a train to Ludwigsburg to check out some pumpkins. And when I say some, what I mean is lots, and lots of pumpkins. (Please bear with the pictures, the camera objected to the new memory card so I just have a few pics off my phone)

Ludwigsburg Palace Gardens (05.09-02.11) is home to the biggest Pumpkin exhibition in the world, and it totally deserves that title, I’ve never seen so many pumpkins altogether in my life.

The walk down to the palace was lined with pumpkins, some of them engraved…

Some of the large ones surrounding the fountain were a beautiful shade of duck egg blue…

It was actually the finals of the European biggest pumpkin competition today, they were some massive pumpkins that required a forklift to transport them for weighing.

The gardens are full of every kind of pumpkin and gourd you could imagine and the displays are pretty wonderful. This years theme is royalty, and in that theme…


The special pumpkin foods were also a highlight, instead of the usual currywurst or chips there were pumpkin burgers, pumpkin soup, pumpkin rösti, you get the idea, the queues were long but it was definitely worth the wait.

We opted for pumpkin chips with quark and pumpkin seed oil dip, a pumpkin muffin and pumpkin shorle, all of which were great.

We also walked around the fairytale garden, take your sensible shoes if you’re going to visit it’s quite hilly. These were my favourite little guys of the day

The fest is on for a while yet, will you be visiting?

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