Blogtober – A taste of England in Munich

So a couple of weeks back we spent a weekend in Munich. It was not the best timing since we had just moved, but we had booked it at least 9 months ago, in a time before we’d ever even considered moving, and it was actually pretty great to get away from the boxes for a few days.

I have never done the touristy thing in Munich, yes Oktoberfest and frequent changes of train there, but never any further than a few hundred yards from the main station. Eventually I will do a write up on our accommodation (disappointing), entertainment (awesome), the whole weekend in fact, but for now I’ll just let you in on a little secret. Shhhh there is a place selling freshly baked scones with clotted cream in Munich!

I love a good museum/art gallery and this weekend we hit 4 or 5 of them. We walked miles that weekend and add to that the heat and humidity meant that rest stops were pretty frequent. I’m not complaining about the frequency, my feet were sore but German cake is not my thing and apart from pretzels it tends to usually be the only thing on offer outside lunching hours. When we finished at the Alte Pinakothek (fabulous place) we were hungry and ended up at the museums Cafe Klenze, it did not disappoint. The cakes on offer here are more like French cakes (yay) and the specials menu said ‘scones with clotted cream and jam’ Oh good lord I almost fainted!

Since I’m used to being disappointed by German versions of foreign cuisine we bet safe and ordered a slice of chocolate mousse cake along with a scone, and some ice tea (which was interesting). So we settled down at a table with our slice if cake and a number for our scone, what on earth? They can’t be baking it fresh, can they? The cake was awesome…..

My hopes weren’t high (like I said I’ve been disappointed way too many times) and then after a good twenty minute wait out cake what sort of looked like a scone and was of course accompanied by clotted cream and jam. The scone was delivered straight from the oven, rookie mistake Germany, scones should not be served hot! So I cut it in half and we sat staring at it for a while contemplating just how bad it could be and how disappointed we would be. Thankfully there was no disappointment, the scone was great, the clotted cream delicious and we had nothing left to do but argue about whether it’s jam then cream or cream then jam eat.

If you have enough time to wait (and it’s worth the wait) check out the scones (and the museum if you’re so inclined).

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