Remember, remember….

…the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot.

Bonfire night is one of my favourite British celebrations, but since Germany doesn’t celebrate failed English assassination attempts it’s something that I miss out on, every year. Every year it sneaks up on me, Halloween is over and suddenly all my British friends are heading to bonfires and firework displays whilst I sit back and wait for the Christmas markets to open. I get nostalgic, introspective and more than a little homesick right about now.

Having been to my fair share of slightly dangerous back garden firework parties and watched a lot of firework safety videos as a child, I have a healthy respect for anything involving gunpowder (New year in Germany is actually frightening) and I really miss it. And in kicks the homesickness.

To counteract the rubbishness I’m cracking out the tastes of home in the form of Yorkshire Parkin and Treacle toffee. Tried and tested favourites!

And because I’m a sucker for Britishness all the time because I live in Germany when homesickness strikes, I picked up some lovely new products at Müller from Catrices’ limited edition ‘Check & Tweed’ range.

I fell for the colours initially, they are lovely, very autumnal and neutral with a little shimmer thrown in for good measure. Cute names just add to the products for me, like I said, sucker!

The eyeshadow quad ‘London’s Eye’ – brown, dusty pink, dark green, pearl, all with a subtle shimmer and good pigmentation
Highlighter ‘The Union Jack’ – Not too sparkly, which is always my preference
Lipstick ‘Brit Chick’ – actually pretty moisturizing and non drying, semi matt
Nail polishes – ‘Brit Chick’ and ‘Hyde in the park’, subtle but still festive
Everything is under 5euros and really good quality, and putting a smile on my face, priceless.

Onwards and upwards to New year when I’ll finally get fireworks.

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