A Christmas warning

If you haven’t sent Christmas cards from Germany yet, you could be in for an expensive surprise. I’m passing on this information because the first year I rocked up at the post office with my stack (20-25) of cards for home , only to be told it would cost me 65euro to send them, wait what? they’re christmas cards! they don’t weigh anything! and they’re only going to the UK not the bloody moon! Annoyed that I’d just spent the last half hour in a queue and indignant because I couldn’t afford wasn’t going to pay that much for postage, I stepped away from the counter making thinly veiled threats about the Deutsche Post under my breath.

The lovely people at the Deutsche Post charge according to their standard sizing policy, if your cards are anything other than ‘standard’ (larger or smaller) you will be charged 3.45euro per card.

To avoid bankrupting yourself this christmas there are a few ways to get around the system :-

Moonpig and other online card (and gift) places – Most offer personalisation and discounts on bulk orders, delivery is included in the price of the card.

Bulk sending – A packet/parcel containing all your christmas cards will probably only cost you around 6euro to send. You do need a willing recipient at the other end to distribute (and maybe whack a stamp on too).

Speaking of stamps, did you know you can buy and print your stamps from the comfort of your own home with Royal mail? Good news!

Friends and colleagues, Know of anyone travelling to your home country in November and December who could  drop some cards in a postbox for you?

And in my story I had to spend another half hour in the queue to buy a padded envelope, stuff it, address it (to my mum, who else?) and then wait in the queue again to actually send the thing. I saved about 60euros that day and I hope that this post saves you to from the expense and from standing in the post office for an hour and a half this Christmas.


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  1. bevchen says:

    I once sent a small square birthday card to a friend and it came back to me with a note saying I needed to add more stamps. Ironically the 3.45 stamp is called “Großbrief Ausland”. How is a square card that’s smaller than an ordinary envelope a “Großbrief”?! I now make sure all my cards have the right format.

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