Advent calendars – Not just for kids

Happy 2nd day of Advent! When I was a kid I hated Advent, all my friends got a chocolate a day leading up to Christmas but being a person who doesn’t like chocolate I only got to enjoy the pictures. I know it’s not a hardship, first world problems and all that, but when you’re 8, it stinks.

There is so much choice in Advent calendars in Germany its incredible, and they aren’t just for kids, oh no, everyone can have one. So far my favourites are beer (bottle a day), wine (quarter bottle a day), nail polish (it’s a weakness of mine) and Playmobil (yes I’m a big kid).

I settled on a Tea calendar this year, how stereotypically British of me, I know. And also because great minds think alike, another Brit expat sent me one, so now I have two to enjoy.


48 different teas to enjoy during Advent is right up my street. I’m going to do a weekly review so that I can keep track of the good, the bad and the ugly.

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