Eurovision success – UK & Germany


1 – Sandi Shaw – Puppet on a string (1967) WIN – We are still in black and white here but you can hear the song is a Eurovision classic very sweet and catchy (but with undertones of psychotic woman, see Lena too).

2 – Lulu – Boom Bang-a-bang (1969) WIN – Utterly catchy, you just can’t help but get caught up with the boom bang-a-banging powerful voice that comes out of a youngster in a pink dress.
3 – Brotherhood of Man – Save your kisses for me (1976) WIN – This was their big break, and the song is still the highest selling Eurovision ever, its even one of the top 100 selling songs in the UK ever. These four embodied the 70s, and a sweet little song with a cutsey dance routine made them winners.
4 – Bucks Fizz – Making your mind up  (1981) WIN – Four bouncy blondes with no need for backing dancers they have a built in dance break. They were formed for the song contest and continue to perform today. You know what? it’s all about the skirts, Bucks Fizz are still doing the same routine now!

5 – Katrina and the Waves – Love shine a light (1997) WIN – This one I remember and it was everywhere, the win was a bit of a landslide of 70 points more than the Irish in second place. Classic Eurovision themes of love, peace and hope run throughout the song.

6 – Cliff Richard – Congratulations (1968) 2nd – Lost by one point to Spain, the closest result yet.

7 – Scott Fitzgerald – Go (1988) 2nd – Lost by one point to Céline Dion (and she’s not someone you want to be up against with a power ballad) which was quite a feat since the Swiss were convinced that their win would be an easy one.

8 -Mary Hopkin – Knock Knock who’s there? (1970) 2nd – Coming second to Dana with All kinds of everything which was hugely successful after Eurovision, Mary also came ahead of Julio Inglesias for Spain.

9 – Imaani – Where are you? (1998) 2nd – Coming second to Dana International was nothing to be ashamed of.

10 – Sonia – Better the devil you know (1993) 2nd – Another pint sized red head with a belting voice who lost out to a power ballad from Ireland.


1 – Nicole – Ein Bißchen Frieden (1982) WIN – A kitchy saccarine sweet number about peace love and hope, peace is a common theme through Eurovision, maybe going back to the initial reason for the show in the first place, or maybe because it’s an idealistic concept we should all care more about.

2 – Lena – Satellite (2010) WIN – A significant win for Germany as this was the first as a unified country. It was a weird (slightly psychotic) but catchy song with no crazy back up dancers at all. I remember hating her accent so much at the time, I have a lot more sympathy these days, she went on to represent Germany in 2011 but only managed 10th place.

3&4 – Wind – Für alle (1985) & Lass die Sonne in dein Herz (1987) both 2nd – These guys placed second twice and that just shows the power of Schlager in Europe, that catchy light pop-y sound you hear all over Europe (with the exception of the UK).

5 – Katja Ebstein – Theater (1980) 2nd – Represented Germany at three Eurovision Song Contests and placed in the top three of them all, she is the only singer ever to have done that! Her back up dancers were mimes, which sang, huh?

6 -Lena Valaitis – Johnny Blue (1981) 2nd – She lost out to Bucks Fizzs’ Making your mind up in Ireland with this catchy number.

7 – Sürpriz – Reise nach Jerusalem – Kudüs’e seyahat (1999) 3rd – In German, Turkish, English and Hebrew it was a perfect song for a Eurovision hosted by Israel.

8 – MeKaDo – Wir geben ‘ne Party (1994) 3rd – A total Schlager number with a cute chorus, it actually reminds me of this years UK entry, whether that’s a good thing I don’t know.

9 – Mary Roos – Aufrecht geh’n (1984) 3rd – Super 80s ballad, Mary had also competed in the German national finals in 1970 and 1972 coming second in both.

10 – Stefan Raab – Wadde Hadde Dudde da (2000) 5th – This song and performance is just Eurovision personified.

Are there any others that make up your top 10?

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  1. Kaffee und Kuchen says:

    Wow – as a Canadian, I had no idea that Céline Dion was in the Eurovision contest! Also, I laughed so hard when I saw that Stefan Raab was a Eurovision performer – is there anything he doesn’t do?! 😀

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