Eurovision semi finals 2015

I wasn’t even expecting to watch, let alone enjoy the semi finals, but I’m glad I finished my book so I could settle in and check it out. I had the British commentary (using which worked really well for once, online streaming, free online streaming at that) and it didn’t disappoint.

The show was really well put together and you get a sneaky glimpse of what you might be seeing in the final, lots of acts will change their staging for the final. The ceiling was filled with balls, I kid you not, lots of balls which undulated over the audience. It sounds dodgy but the effect was pretty mesmerising. Conchita did her thing and she is kind of a lot to live up to Eurovision wise.

16 countries on Tuesday and 17 countries on Thursday were to be whittled down to 20 finalists.

Ballads are definitely in this year. Maybe it’s the Conchita effect, maybe it’s just time. Neither the UK or Germany have entered a ballad, that doesn’t bode well.

Strong Eurovision elements as ever were present, smoke machines, capes, wind machines and strobe lighting. Only two instances of clothes getting torn off (to reveal other clothes of course a la Bucks Fizz) come on Eurovision.

Notable elements of the nights included

– 3 presenters – Normally there are two, it’s even harder to make the banter funny with three, or at least they made it look that way.

– Finland made Eurovision history with the shortest ever song.

– Russia didn’t get booed – apparently it’s just not in the Eurovision spirit to boo, good for Eurovision. They produced a belting ballad, the crowd loved it, and it definitely grew on me.

– Georgia I really like that song, it’s been in my head since Tuesday. Look out for some impressive shoulder pads and some possibly naked crows in Vienna.

– Denmark got knocked out – I really enjoyed their little Beatles meets McFly number, apparently this isn’t the year for that kind of thing though.

– Ireland got knocked out, a very pretty song but not one that stood out in a Eurovision filled with sequins and hairspray.

– The Polish entry really looked like a fabric softener advert, Lenor specifically should sign these guys up.

– Israel really perked up a night full of ballads with a golden shoed bouncy number which actually made me think that maybe a ballad won’t ย win after all.

Not going through to the final includes FYR Macedonia, Denmark, Ireland Better luck next year!

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