My final countdown

As you all know The big five get through to the final automatically because of their financial part in the competition so most viewers will only get to see them on the actual night itself, and it’s not long now. I’ll be brief in my rundown of the ones to look out for.

Germany – A little aggressively sung for my taste, OK but not a winner.

UK – It’s a lovely jiggy number, electro funk apparently, but all I can hear is the Birdseye potato waffles advert!

Italy – I’m a little in love with this schmalzy number.

Australia – Strong catchy and a really good first offereing but does anyone really want Australia to win?

Before the actual final, that is less than an hour away now I thought I’d go through my favourites. Guaranteed to not win, because political voting, block voting, rubbish staging and that’s just the way it goes, they are all winners to me.

Hungary – A little boring staging wise but it’s really grown on me.

Israel – The shoes for a start and the cheerful energy of this guy, love it.

Georgia – A dark and catchy number which you’ll be humming for days.

What the actual result will be? I don’t know, I guess I’ll be finding out in a few hours, I’m off to and twitter to enjoy the show.

Have you got any last minute predictions?

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