Weinwanderungen for beginners

The weather was stinking hot good last weekend so we decided to combine two pastimes, fresh air and wine! And no this wasn’t just drinking wine on the balcony, this was a hike stroll through the beautiful vineyards with stops to taste the wine that results from said vineyards. Our very first Weinwanderung or wine walk.

This particular Weinwanderung (there are many in the region) took place in a small town called Uhlbach, it’s beautiful Rathaus was our staring point for the day, it couldn’t have been easier to find since it’s opposite the bus stop we arrived at. Uhlbach has a long held wine tradition and is surrounded by hills covered in vines which produce the grapes for the local wines. In fact all the wine available on the day was from Collegium Wirtemberg, there is quite literally something for everyone, and no way on earth you can try everything in one day.

IMGP6247 IMGP6249_2 IMGP6245

It was easy to work out where the walk started and there were plenty of people to follow to get to the first wine stand, it was pretty obvious from there onwards. The walk wasn’t too strenuous but the weather was boiling, I looked very much like a sweaty tomato when I reached the top. It was definitely worth it for the views alone. Those views. Since I’m clearly one for stating the obvious I kept saying ‘it’s so green’ on a regular basis much to the amusement of my husband, but it was just. so. Green.

IMGP6253 You can spot the Grabkapelle Rotenberg on top of the hill in this picture, it’s likeness is used on all the Collegium Wirtemberg wines, definitely something to look out for.IMGP6254 IMGP6257

How it works
– It is completely free to walk, no entrance fee and you can bring your own food and drinks if you so wish.
– At this particular weinwanderung you begin and end in the same place and there were six stands along a 4km route.
– You will pay a pfand (deposit) of 2euro on your glass or any bottles of soft drinks you buy.
– At the first stand you will be given a map (when you buy a drink) which acts not only as your feet and wine guide but also as a passport to a free glass of wine. In order to claim your free glass you must get this map stamped at all six stands, to get the stamp you must make a purchase, once you claim your free glass they take your map away (hence no picture). You claim your freebie at the Collegium Wirtemberg Kelter in the centre of Uhlbach.
– Snacks are available at all of the stands, cheese cubes were my favourite of the day.
– Each wine sample is 0.1l but once you pass the first stand the measures get more and more generous, I got a couple that were more like 0.2l, which is always fun.
– You can walk with your wine or take a breather at the stands, there is limited seating so be prepared to get close to nature.

IMGP6263Look closely and you can see the last wine stand hiding there behind the vines, at this point we were on our way down but we still had another two stand before we finished.IMGP6260

How to get there
The S-bahn to obertürkheim where you find the connecting bus (62) to Uhlbach. Do give extra time for the bus part of the journey as it can be crowded. The bus was actually one of the funniest parts of the day, the atmosphere was great, everyone was out to enjoy themselves.

What to take
– Sunscreen is a must, I mocked the guy who went past me with a giant parasol but there is little or no shade whilst you are walking and not much when you stop for wine. You can take shelter between the vines however but do be respectful of the plants and other people, also nature, shout out to me for not screaming like a baby when a lizard crawled on me.
– The same is true for bad weather, pack a waterproof because there is nowhere to hide.
– Wear comfy shoes, the path is tarmac but some parts are steep and the surrounding ground is hilly (to say the least).
– Take cash, there is no cash point in a vineyard
– Water, soft drinks are available at the stands but it is useful to have something to drink between the stands.
– Toilet facilities are few and far between, one portable toilet at each of the six stands along the route, most men (and quite a few women) pee’d between the vines, maybe it helps with the terroir?!?

IMGP6264 IMGP6266

Check out where your local weinwanderung take place here, you’ll find them in all of Germany’s wine regions and they happen throughout the year.

How lucky can you get to live in a country where a healthy walk meets drinking, and on a regular basis?

5 thoughts on “Weinwanderungen for beginners

  1. bevchen says:

    Ooh, how pretty. And with wine too – if that’s not an incentive to walk nothing is 😉 I think something along the lines of “it’s so green!” has become my most used phrase since we moved to Switzerland.

    • Alie C says:

      Walks in the country should always be accompanied by wine! I do love this lush green-ness before it gets all scorched by the sun, that’ll be the end of this week by the looks of the forecast!

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