My travel essentials – Face & Body

I’m travelling a lot in the next few months so I needed to put together a simple basic makeup kit that would be good for everyday as well as for nights out. I don’t like taking a lot of makeup away with me, it takes up valuable shoe space as far as I’m concerned but, I still want some basics to make me look alive. This is my kit for 10 days of travel through Germany and Scandinavia.

I always err on the side of neutral and natural looking makeup with a fun lipstick, hence I’ve got three to choose from that are very different to each other. This foundation is the first one I have ever tried that actually matches decently to my skin, many thanks to my mum for sending it at Christmas, I just hope I can pick some more up in a UK airport sometime for when this runs out. I like my travel kit to be basic but complete with enough I can play around with if I want to.

The one product I could not do without is eyeshadow primer, I know thats sounds weird but I don’t just use it on my eyelids, in fact I barely ever do. If you, like me, wear glasses (or even sunglasses) that you have to keep on pushing back up your nose (when I’m sweaty or riding my bike are the two main annoyances for me) then eyeshadow primer could be the answer to your prayers. A little dab of this on the bridge of your nose (or wherever your glasses and skin meet), allow to dry and then spend a whole day doing what you want because those glasses won’t budge. I wish I’d known this years ago!
IMG_4300Skincare wise I’m also taking the minimum, but since we are going to be on the coast and it’s expected to be breezy I’m taking enough that I hope I won’t suffer too much with my skin being now completely unused to coastal weather.

I’m a sucker for miniature products, I love the holiday aisle in DM. Everything here (bar the razor of course) can go in your hand luggage on a plane. I tend to save the bottles or packages and reuse them, waste not want not, I also hoard samples for weekend trips, can you tell I hate carrying a heavy bag?

The blister plasters are an essential for me, holidays always involve a lot of walking and I always seem to get some kind of irritation, Compeed aren’t cheap but they have been by far the most reliable for me. Earplugs are a necessity for me, I find it hard to settle for the first few nights in a new bed, at least taking new noises out of the equation seems to help. A travel razor? I bought it recently after slicing my fingers on my usual razor in my wash bag, now I’m all about protecting my fingers and this little case seems pretty good. It closes securely and has ventilation on the bottom to no musty mouldy razor if you forget about it for a week, it also takes the same blades as my current razor so win win.

Boring but exceedingly practical, these plastic bags I picked up in DM are practically indestructible (we reuse these too) and fit in everything that might explode on your clothes.  The bottom bag has two full sized bottles, two large travel sized and my razor, there is room for more too! And yes I’m that person who labels everything 🙂

Any travel products out there you can’t go without?

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