Tea Tuesday #1

 My current tea addiction is the wonderful this Vanilla Chai, it’s deliciously comforting and warming, without the caffeine that keeps me up all night.

The weather has taken a turn for the hot, the very hot recently and this pale English woman is enjoying shade, ice lollies and SPF50. And eating ice cubes like sweeties, is it just me that loves nothing more than crunching ice in front of the TV?

Maybe I should put these together? Oooo I see a lot of iced chai in my future.

Fresh fruit is plentiful at the moment and I’m taking full advantage of it, especially at breakfast time. Always my most important meal of the day, always.  Since I’m just getting back from holiday I’m focussing on taking care of myself. Getting back to reality after traveling to fantastic new places can bring on a case of the ‘I hate Germany’s’ in me, which can make me a most un-fun person to be around. I’m powering through it and luckily have a short hop to the UK soon to look forward to, so I haven’t yet screamed at anyone or cried at the supermarket lost my cool (touch wood).

For anyone who is going on holiday soon and needs a hard wearing long lasting nail polish, I have to recommend the Rimmel 60seconds. 14 days on my toes, through sun, sea, sand, hiking, biking and city exploring and not one chip, this stuff is magic!  My unseasonal new Netflix obsession is the brilliantly funny Lillyhammer, bonus points for the fact that it’s set in (of course) Norway with perma-snow and woolly jumpers all round.

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