New experiences are all part of the expat life, and whilst I’m open to newness, adventure and differences, some are more surprising than others.

Today was a good day. Since the heat has made a return I try to get all my ‘out and about’ errands done before the heat really kicks in. I found everything I needed, made some new discoveries and even managed to buy a cool surprise  for MrC, all before 11am. That’s winning Tuesday as far as I’m concerned.

Locally there is a public book swap, where I’ve even managed to find the odd English book *insert massive smiley face* so I had a couple with me to drop off and had a look through the shelves for some to take home. I found one and I also noticed some leaflets. I like to pick up leaflets for German practice, they are easily recycled, small and most importantly shorter than books!

Leaflets that I assumed where for a book club, a verein or from a church were actually the most hateful things I have ever seen in real life. Honestly, I was in shock when I realized just what I was reading. 

Nothing but hate, pure hate. I’ve never heard anyone deny the holocaust, let alone call it a fairytale. 

I put the leaflets in my bag and walked the long way home. 

I’ve read parts of the leaflets, my views on subjects like this are solid and unswayable and I felt like I should. Someone had even kindly highlighted the important portions for my reading pleasure. It asks that I copy and redistribute the ‘material’ and for monetary donations to be sent to an organization in the UK! That I was not expecting. 

Yuck, I feel like I need a shower.

I have them all ready for shredding or should I be taking them to the police station? Obviously I’m not going to be copying or redistributing, but if you know I should deal with them differently, please let me know.

Germany you continually surprise me, sometimes not for the right reasons.

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  1. bevchen says:

    Ugh, how horrible! Denying the holocaust is actually illegal in Germany but I’m not sure how much the police could do with an anonymous leaflet (or organisation in the UK).

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