5 tips for buying your first Dirndl

This isn’t an official ‘tip’ as such but shopping for a Dirndl is so much more fun with company. Take your partner, so you can go matchy matchy, a friend, for a sincere opinion and so you don’t match (unless you want to) or a group, for big laughs and plenty of helping hands to get you squeezed into that bodice.

Shop around – Prices can vary from cheap to astronomical in the same shop, so make sure that you check the price tag before you find the one that you just have to have. Check out my post on where to find Tracht on a budget for some pointers.

Wear a decent bra – A Dirndl fits and looks so much better when your boobs are, and theres no elegant way of saying this, front and centre. Smaller chested ladies I’d recommend investing in a Dirndl bra (yes they exist) or basically a push up balcony bra which together with the dress will give you the Dirndl cleavage. Larger chested ladies a regular balcony will have the same effect. A balcony style tends to be the easiest to conceal since the straps on a dirndl can be quite wide apart.

Don’t pay too much attention to the size on the label – Fit of the bodice will vary from Dirndl to Dirndl, and totally depend on the cut. Shorter ladies or the shorter bodied may struggle more than the taller amongst us, but keep looking, your perfect fit does exist.

Try a selection on – Be open, you’re buying a Dirndl which is generally out of most peoples fashion comfort zone. Yes you’ll laugh at yourself in the mirror a lot (and have the sound of music soundtrack playing in your head) but you might just like what you see too.

The blouse is important too – This can change the whole look of your Dirndl, hide your shoulders or put them on show and the same goes for your décolletage. Even if your Dirndl comes with a blouse you can pick up another cheaply to give you a whole new look.

There is one important rule when it comes to wearing your Dirndl, find out what it is and what to expect from your Dirndl here.

If a Dirndl isn’t your thing maybe check out some lederhosen, every year I see more and more women going for this option, maybe the men are onto something?