How Germany changed me #2


I’m a sensitive person, I always have been, other peoples words and actions have wounded me more than any physical contact has ever done. They shouldn’t, but they have. I don’t sound like the right kind of person to pick up and move to another country do I? I did though (and survived).

If you don’t already know, Germany is not the best place for a sensitive soul. At least, not at first glance. No smiles, no chit chat and a whole lot of staring. I spent a good few months convinced that I had something on my face, spilt on my top or had forgot to change out of my pyjamas before leaving the house. Just between you and me, I even lost it and screeched at a staring someone in the street once, not my finest hour, but a turning point.

Everyone here stares, no matter what you wear. Do, or don’t do. Say, or don’t say. Are or are not.

Once I understood that, the stares didn’t bother me, the lack of smiles and chit chat are merely cultural characteristics which I needed to learn in order to feel more at home, no matter how uncomfortable and peculiar I first found them. Now I really value a true smile, a conversation of value between interested parties and I can spot dishonestly and falseness at 50 paces.

Harry Winston said it best ‘People will stare. Make it worth their while’ and I definitely try to 😉

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