Loves lately #2

Autumn is here and so is four seasons in one day kind of weather. It’s neigh on impossible to dress appropriately so you’re warm enough to leave the house in the morning and not boiling to death in the sunshine later. Layers, it’s all about the layers, bag lady chic.


Orphan Black is back, somehow I missed the start of the series and had to binge watch quite a few episodes last weekend, now I’m all up to date. The story has got crazier, more clones, more governmental experimentation and those Neolutionists are back in a big way. As always, I’m loving Helena, crazy, crazy, Helena  and I’ve been surprised by how entertaining the Alison-Donny dynamic is this season. Tatiana Maslany definitely earns her money in this role!


Nail polish is my vice and this one from manhattan promises 10 days no chips. For three euro I’m not holding my breath but it is a lovely burgundy shade thats light enough not to make my hands look too Halloween-esque.


I got sucked in by lippies too. Well, I went to the shop intent on buying one particular lippy and hated the tester, but these beauties happened to be right there, tested really nicely and came in beautiful colours. So I came away with two. So far so good, they feel light like a balm not a lipstick on, aren’t too drying and did I mention the colours are beautiful?



I got to visit the Neues Museum in Nürnberg last week which houses modern and contemporary art and design. Well worth a visit if you’re in the area. The Gerhard Richter collection was pretty darn sweet, I could have spent hours in that one room and they currently have an exhibition showing everyday household items available at the same times in East and West Germany. The beauty of everyday items is something that always draws me in. Function and style, always a good combination.



The slow cooker has been released from it’s summer home and now I remember why I put it on and go out, if not the smell just keeps drawing me into the kitchen only to be disappointed that there are still 2 hours to go.

It’s Kurbis season, how do I know? Well…things like this give it away.



Still loving my colouring books, particularly this little square one I picked up in Carrefour. The pages are all removable, I’ve got plans for some wall art for the flat, at last.


Rainy days have actually been helping push me to have a big sort out to get rid of things we no longer need and to store everything else more imaginatively (#smallflatproblems). I store all my ideas in Pinterest, check out my organisation board if you need some inspiration.

What are you loving lately?

4 thoughts on “Loves lately #2

  1. Cynthia (@cynthj) says:

    Oooh, the Neues Museum sounds interesting. Hoping to make it to Nurnburg before the year is up and will hopefully have a peak then!
    I do love all of the Kurbis. One reason why I think perhaps I am actually meant to live in Germany. You see pumpkins around every so often, but not in the way like they are over there!

  2. cliff1976 says:

    I did two little slow cooker projects this weekend — #1 came out brilliantly, and #2 is still a work in progress and making me drool. Hope the Missus likes it as much as I think I will.

    #1 is Apple Butter
    #2 is Creamed Corn

    Interested in the recipes? I’ll happily share what I’ve found (but am wary of posting links as comments on your posts, lest they appear spammy).

    What did you with yours?

    • Alie C says:

      Ooo apple butter is high on my list of things to make! I generally go for savoury, beef and Guinness stew and thai curries are current front runners! Creamed corn has to be an American thing right? never heard of that one before

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