Pancakes and krapfen

It’s Faschingsdienstag already! The year is racing past so fast, Easter will be here in the blink of an eye.

This year I’ve avoided the traditional Fastnacht parade (possibly still scarred from last year) in Baden-Württemberg and haven’t even made it to a Fasching parade in Franconia.

Blame the crappy weather, the vomiting virus or that general feeling of having seen it all before. A witch in the bakery, spiderman in the butchers, standard. The excited (drunken) energy of adults letting loose, as well as the sugared up kids wrapped up in so many layers they can barely bend, searching the cobbles for sweets from strangers. Maybe I’m getting old or grumpy or merely getting itchy twitchy feet as I near the five year anniversary of living in Germany.

My love of pancakes though, has not wavered, you’ll be pleased to know 😉 and tonight I’ll be making some chicken, mushroom and tarragon savouries followed by (of course) the classic lemon juice and sugar Mmmmm If you need some inspiration look no further than

There’s still Kinderfasching today in the village, which I can’t really ignore since it takes place almost outside my window, maybe I’ll head down and see if there are any krapfen left.

Happy pancake day, Faschingsdienstag and fat Tuesday to you!



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