Loves lately #3

New year, new loves. Hibernation and a nasty stomach bug have meant I haven’t been out and about as much this year, now out I’m planning on seeing everything.


The wonderful wonderful Tracey Ullman is back on the BBC, she has some utterly fabulous characters including Angela Merkel and Dame Judi Dench in her new sketch show. The laugh track is a little annoying at times but I haven’t laughed so much in ages as I have when I’m watching this. Below is one of my absolute favourite moments.

At the total other end of the scale the series ‘The Following’ with Kevin Bacon has had me transfixed, it’s a definite binge watcher, lots of action and indiscriminate killing. The second series so far is getting fairly ridiculous, I’m hoping that it will live up to the standard set by the first.


I’ve been slathering on Body butter and moisturiser like there’s no tomorrow. The cold Vs my skin does not a pretty picture make. I’ve bypassed anything for Trocken (dry) skin and am now I only look at products aimed at ‘sehr Trocken’ (very dry) skin. Even then I still occasionally look like a shedding snake, wow thats an attractive analogy.

I’m actually aiming to not buy any body or beauty products this year, but that’s a whole separate post in itself.


Oh yeah it’s finally Grünkohl (kale) season! I love Kale and would happily eat it at every meal, but, here it is only available seasonally. Which is great because that way you only get the freshest tastiest greens, but, I do miss the taste the rest of the year.

Where is all the Rhubarb? I haven’t found any and have a huge hankering for crumble. I’m aiming to buy in bulk and fill the pantry with jam so I can enjoy the sourness all year round.

Not technically and eats, but rather a drinks, but oh pomegranate lassi where have you been all my life? MrC makes a stunning mango lassi, but after having the pomegranate one last weekend I’m converted, so yummy.


I’ve gone a bit stationery crazy lately, and people know me well because I got even more at Christmas. I picked up my first five year diary at the end of last year and I finally got to start it on January 1st ( I could have started it when I bought it but I wanted to save it so I can have the full five years altogether). It’s a great concept and each page has space for a few lines everyday for the next five years, after having a ‘normal’ style diary for the last few years I’m excited to be able to compare all my ‘this day in 2016’ memories to my ‘this day in 2020’ eventually.

Happy February everyone!

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