10 thoughts on “Happy Easter 2016

  1. germanginge says:

    I like the restful Feriertage here, the chance for peace and quiet. It gets some getting used to, just like the Germans all piling into the mixed sauna, all together in the altogether, I suppose. 🙂

    • Alie C says:

      More family oriented? not sure but I’m a Northerner, I’m sure it differs vastly further down the country. Work life balance before having kids, I’d totally agree. After? as far as I can see it’s less so, but I don’t have any kids so what do I know 😉

      • germanginge says:

        I’m a pads brat-cum-Teessider. I agree, southerners are a bit more work-focussed in the UK. (Dad is from t’Dales, mum from Saltburn.) This is probably because they have to be in order to pay the mortgage. Northerners tend to be more freetime and weekend-orientated and generally less careerist.

        Meiner Meinung nach.

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