Copenhagen Street Food Market

The whole concept of street food and food trucks in general is one that I really love. If you feel the same Copenhagen Street Food Market is going to be somewhere you NEED to visit.

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When ‘street food’ arrived in Germany, well at least Southern Germany, the concept got a little lost. The food is expensive, the queues are long and a lot of the food is just not that good. This being my experience and my first time in Denmark (where the cost of living is higher anyway) I was a bit apprehensive about what I’d find. The Street Food Market turned out to be a great find, I only wish that I’d been in the city longer to enjoy it more.

The premise is colourful and cheap street food in a relaxed atmosphere, and that is exactly what you’ll get. The most picky of eaters will find something they like and most kitchens have vegetarian, gluten free options and are happy to cater to food allergy/intolerance questions (in English) which I really appreciated. Every stall has at least one dish in the 50-75 DKK range, excellent for testing out a number of places without breaking the bank.

The building itself was previously warehouse space, which fits in 33 (not that I counted) food stalls, plenty of seating and room to get around, even with the biggest of pushchairs. The centre is partitioned, as you can see above and called ‘The Greenhouse’, this area of the warehouse accepts reservations and can cater to pretty big groups. Here a waiter takes your drinks orders but you still have to venture to the individual stalls for your food (and cutlery). I can see the value in a reservation if you are in a big group or need a seating area.


Seared sesame tuna with slaw and a brioche bun, heavenly, and this was the last one of the day, when it’s gone, it’s gone.


There is still a traditional side to the street market and these were some of the best open sandwiches (Smørrebrød) I’ve tasted. Piled so high they were a little indelicate to eat, but I care not for manner judgers when the food is this good.


And this is what happens when you nip to the loo and leave MrC in charge of the food, some of it goes missing and leftovers don’t photograph well. The taste however was fabulous, I could eat these summer rolls forever.

Eating food with just a spoon is a concept I can get on board with (less washing up for a start) and The Spoon Company do just that. Be it savoury or sweet, all you need to eat it is a spoon. The mixed bean chilli was delicious, with just the right amount of kick. We sat outside the stall and had a good nosey into the greenhouse opposite, for a warehouse it looked pretty swish, also a good place to sit to smell the bbq at Oink Oink which will be my first call next time.


There is plenty of outdoor seating available and with the view of the city available most people only head inside once the rain arrives. The market itself is always evolving and also hosts live music events. Music, on top of the standard and wide range of food means I’d started planning a return trip before we’d even left.

Where IMG_4496

Warehouse 7&8,
PapirØen (Paper Island)
Trangravsvej 14
1436 Copenhagen K

How to get there

On Foot/bike – The ‘kissing bridge’ has just been finished meaning the market is easily accessible to walkers/bikers right from the city centre (so convenient!)
By Land – (Around the harbour) Bus 9A
By Water – Boat bus 933 Experimentarium City Stop

This wasn’t the only place I’d recommend in Copenhagen, keep an eye out for more of Denmark itself and it’s wonderful eateries soon.

10 thoughts on “Copenhagen Street Food Market

  1. mytravelingjoys says:

    Delicious! Warsaw also was really getting into the street food/market scene when we lived there. And talk about inexpensive! Seems to really be picking up all over. 🙂

  2. Tiina Arminen says:

    I’m a fan of street food markets and food trucks! Especially when those are well made and offering delicious bites. In Budapest there have been a couple of those but unfortutanely have to say it was nothing special.

  3. Christie Dietz (@asausagehastwo) says:

    I feel just the same as you about my experiences of German street food. The only event I’ve found interesting was a Street Food Thursday in Berlin, but I couldn’t eat any of the good stuff and I was totally disappointed by the things I could have! 🙁

    This on the other hand, looks terrific. My sister-in-law lives in Copenhagen and she loves this place, so I’m very pleased to finally see some photos of it 🙂 LOOK AT THAT TUNA!! Looking forward to more of your Denmark posts 🙂

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