One year ago… was probably one of the most fabulous days.

This was the day we adopted our dog, our third musketeer, our ball of fluff, equal lover of cuddles and all things edible.

We adopted him from a local Tierheim (animal shelter), if you are interested in doing the same I have some useful information for you here.

I don’t think MrC or I got any sleep the night before (that was a mistake) and we arrived at the Tierheim way before they officially opened. We sat on our hands in the car watching the clock tick by. Giggling with nervous energy and filled with the knowledge of a thousand other peoples experiences of adopting a dog, thanks you internet, family and friends.

Were we prepared? yes, and no. We had all the stuff. We did all the research we could. But, you can never be completely prepared, perfectionists take note, this is okay. Your dog has a personality, quirks, a history (that you may or may not know) and these things may take time to become apparent.

Those first few days he got a lot more sleep than we did. Looking back we definitely got lucky, with sleeping and house training, even then, it was a lot of work and those first few months were knackering to say the least. Before we knew it he was part of the family, almost like he’d always been there, and had always been meant to be.

So one year in I thought I’d give you an update on our guy, he’s fairly famous around these parts #villagelife sometimes due to confusion over his breed but mostly because he enjoys introducing himself to everyone and refusing to move on until he is petted. Definitely not a German dog. On the plus side my animal related vocab and conversation has grown immensely.


Yes, he has a cake, beer and ice cream (all dog suitable) waiting for him today, adoption birthdays are big around here, and long may that continue.

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