Shopping In Germany – A series

I got to a point, maybe a year ago when I had settled down and wasn’t exploring as much as I usually like to. A lot of time got taken up by a new high maintenance furry household member who shall remain nameless and this blog got put on the back-burner. In an effort to empty my overflowing drafts folder I’m starting back with a series of posts about have you guessed it? Shopping in Germany!

If you’ve read this blog or lived in Germany for any length of time you’ll know that shops in Germany are closed on Sundays and on public holidays. Most probably you’ll also know the annoyance of returning from a trip to an empty kitchen, running out of milk on Saturday night before your boss comes round for Kaffee und Kuchen on Sunday afternoon and realising that you have no idea where to get what you need on a very closed German Sunday. I’m here to help and maybe give you some new ideas for your next foodie emergency.

Up next – Vending machines, that contain way more than just chocolate I promise!


And if you’re one of those fancy pants people who get to live in a 24 hour Germany, good for you, the South of Germany is another kettle of fish entirely.

If you’d like to contribute to the series or have some recommendations for me be sure to comment below or just email me direct.

6 thoughts on “Shopping In Germany – A series

        • Alie C says:

          Really? Hmm I’m not sure I’m willing to let someone else pick my shopping for me, as much as I complain about the queueing I’m not sure I’d do a virtual shop more than once in a blue moon. A friend in the UK (4 kids and a full time job) does hers online and keeps everyone entertained with the substitutions they send, the spring onions in replacement for daffodils was the best yet!

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