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Sunday and public holidays in Germany definitely took some getting used to. The apocalyptic silence, the lack of people around and zero bustle of a normal working day still sometimes take me by surprise six years on. And yes, I too still get caught out by those days when Germany is closed.

Let me introduce you to the first in the series of ways to shop on Sunday and on Public holidays in Germany, the vending machine.

SIG1VendingI have always lived in areas that have good access to the countryside, I’m more of a country mouse than a city mouse. Its great having the fields and mountains on your doorstep but it also means that you can kiss goodbye to a decent take away service or if you’re lucky to have one, a 24hour shop, which are my go to for fridge emergencies. By fridge emergencies I’m taking run out of milk half way through baking, an empty fridge at the end of a 6 hour drive back from France, a craving for eggs that just has to be fulfilled etc

Now I know what you’re thinking, something along the lines of ‘crap from a vending machine does not a decent meal make’ and if these were indeed your average train station vending machines containing enough Haribo to rot your teeth ten times over I’d completely agree. These however are just a little different and contain a few more vitamins and actual ingredients to make real food. Hang on in there until the end to find out how to find one in your area.

Farmers speciality vending machines

Just finding one of these on a Sunday made me really happy, there’s something distinctly sneaky feeling about shopping on a Sunday in Germany, so forbidden (haha).

Hofland Bay – Rohrwiesen 74423 Obersontheim (near Schwäbisch Hall)

This was one of the first machines we stumbled on, finding out this even existed was great and it just happened to have my favourite apples and cheese for MrC. To the left were the meat products, fresh sausages, cured sausages, tinned meats and tinned meals, this machine would only take notes so your change was pre taped to your produce (see the picture), genius! The right held apples, potatoes and a selection of eggs. If you zoom in you can see the prices which are slightly higher than the supermarket but only slightly, and you have the benefit of knowing exactly where your food came from.

Hirschmann – Markgröningerstr 70 71634 Ludwigsburg

Advertising eggs and potatoes around the clock, and yes these machines are available 24/7. Apples, canned meats and home made jam also feature here. You can also order your meat from a local butcher by using a form within the shed and collect it on collection day. The eggs are from chickens who live maybe 100ft from the shed, your food miles are next to nothing here.

Gommel – Herterhöfe 71254 Ditzingen

Many food vending machines have a milk machine next to them, they are the focus of the #2 in the series, for now we’ll just talk about the food. This machine had the best variety of produce musli and cereals, honey, yoghurts, cheeses, eggs, canned meats, cured sausages, potatoes, biscuits, drinking chocolate, pickled gherkins. A decent dinner could be bought out of this machine, the prices again were a little higher than the supermarket but the food miles are low and the quality is spot on.


Oberbrüdenerstr 20 71522 Backnang

This one was advertised as an Eierautomat (egg vending machine) by the above large egg at the side of the road, but it was one of the best stocked I’ve found. In addition to the eggs (you drive by the chickens who lay them on your way into the village) there was jams, jellies, honey, sauces, apple juice, potatoes and onions all homemade/grown and spätzle, pasta and local tinned meats. The guy before me did his weekly shop at the machine, on a public holiday!


Fritz – In der Pfarrgartenstr 44 71737 Kirchberg

This is the unassuming entrance to possibly my favourite vending machines so far. Beware, it is only open from 5am-midnight so technically not 24 hours availability but when you see what is inside you’ll understand. It is also located in a residential area, so saves you having to schlepp to the midweek or Saturday market.

The lack of vegetables in vending machines is understandable (perishables can be so unpredictable and require more work to stock more regularly) so when you come across one which has more than just the usual potatoes its a win in my book. Seasonal fruits and vegetables from satsumas to Brussel sprouts were covered as well as eggs, sauces, tinned meats, milk, yoghurts and cream. There was also an honesty box for onions and potatoes which I’ll cover in #4 of this series.

Eppinger – Beim Rötelbrunnen 1 71686 Remseck

Another farm which gets a mention is this place, which is open until 10pm seven days a week. Notable additions in these vending machines included freshly ground coffee and flour. Eggs, tinned meats, honey, yoghurts, milk and plenty more were contained within these four machines. The farm also has a play area, trampoline, coffee machine and all the animals are onsite so it draws in a lot of families when the weather is good.

Butchers speciality vending machines

Don’t expect to find too much for a vegetarian in these vending machines, although occasionally you will find cheese and potato salad in there too.

Im Jordanbad Biberach 88400

As you can see from the branding on this vending machine it is stocked by a local butcher, since most of the butchers around here close at lunchtime on a Saturday it is helpful that this one is 24/7. Also this one is notable for having fresh ready to cook pork steaks in  various sauces, as well as the more usual sausages, cured and uncured and tinned meats. It is also placed right outside a sauna and spa complex incase you fancy a quick snack or need something for dinner.

Ackerstr 29 74394 Hessigheim

What can I say, I saw the sign on the main road and just had to go and see what was in the “Schlemmerbox’. This machine is another well stocked treasure trove and can be found in the middle of a residential area. Since it is stocked by a local butcher the products are mostly pork based, most of your usual sausages are covered, as well as the famous Schwabian Maultaschen (obviously). About 20% of the products are name brand stuff like Red Bull and Kinder chocolate, this butcher is catering to the foodie emergency market and he knows it.

Grossbottwarerstr 77 71720 Oberestenfeld

Not all vending machines are located right in the countryside, this one is bang in the centre of town. Containing all the local butchers produce around the clock, no table needs be meat free when this around the corner.

Hauptstr 60 74376 Gemmrigheim

This one again is right outside the butcher and has a varied selection of the usual meat products in addition to some preprepared snacks like Leberkäse rolls, Wurstsalat, buttered pretzels and this Weisswurst pretzel roll (pictured above) which MrC just had to try. It even came with the appropriate sweet mustard to add to his taste and got a thumbs up from him. The bacon wrapped sausages in particular look good and could be especially useful for those last minute BBQ emergencies. There were also potato and egg honesty boxes in the town, clearly Gemmrigheim is the place to go for some Sunday food shopping.

Vegetable speciality vending machines

Yes these do exist! There are plenty of potato and apple machines out there, look out for ‘Insert name of vegetable here Automat’ at the side of the road.


Forsthof – 71711 Steinheim an der Murr

This machine is actually located in the carpark of one of my favourite restaurants, I walked past it for years, never thought it was anything but completely normal until we had British guests. They thought it was amazing, couldn’t believe it and insisted on taking pictures with it. I guess a Kartoffel-Automat is pretty special.

Hagdorn Tomaten –  Im Grundwasen 8 71735 Ederdingen-Hochdorf

I was very happy to find this automat, I love tomatoes in all their forms. There are actually two Automats and a shop that opens for regular working hours too. You can see the greenhouses where they grow the tomatoes from the car park (the biggest greenhouse I’ve ever seen) and you can buy a real selection of tomatoes here. From cherry tomatoes in a little beaker for snacking, to beef tomatoes for dinner, the prices are really competitive and only slightly above the supermarket. An added bonus is that this place is always open!

Previous vending machine hauls

Eggs, honey, yoghurts, apple and elderberry jam, crunchy chocolate hearts (most of which got eaten on the way home) and drinking chocolate because the long cold nights of winter are finally upon us.


Cloudy apple juice, cherry and blueberry yoghurts, chive cream cheese, raw milk cheese, tomatoes and satsumas (which there were a lot more of before we hit a traffic jam on the way home).


Yes the prices can be slightly higher than the supermarket, more similar to the prices you will pay at the local weekly market. BUT you will know exactly where your food has come from, it will be fresh and the quality is great. Sometimes you can see the chickens and the cows your produce is coming from whilst you’re using the machine. I’ve chatted with some lovely farmers and locals over the years who are really proud that their local produce is actually getting some attention and that things like these vending machines is making it more accessible to everyone.

How to find a food vending machine

Some a registered with a scheme called REGIOMAT which will guarantee that your products are from local farms and producers, their website has a postcode search so you can find your nearest registered vending machines. Not all vending machines are registered with the scheme however, some you need to get out and find yourself.

Do you have any favourite vending machines? Have I encouraged you to get out there and find some in your own town? Either way they are just one of the many ways to shop for food on Sunday and on public holidays in Germany.

Coming up next Milk Machines

And keep your eyes peeled for a special vending machine that is getting its very own review quite soon.

15 thoughts on “Shopping In Germany – #1 Vending Machines

  1. Confuzzled Bev says:

    These are AMAZING!! We never had anything like that near us. Kartoffelautomat! KARTOFFELAUTOMAT! Genius! There was one vending machiney thing in Karlsruhe that I never actually used. It was called “Erna” and looked really dodgy – all covered in stickers and things. Plus we lived closer to the train station than that machine so I just went there if I really needed to buy milk on a Sunday. I’ve just looked it up and it seems “Erna” was vandalised so badly in 2014 that it became unusable and now no longer exists.

  2. Christie Dietz (@asausagehastwo) says:

    Oh my god Alie I LOVE THIS POST. This vending machine business goes way beyond all my expectations. I was incredibly excited to discover they’ve put one of the ones with the lockable doors up round the corner from my in-laws (their Mainz suburb is surrounded by fruit farms) but these are a whole other level. Thanks for sharing all of this, and especially the link to the Regiomat website: there are a grand total of two near me, but I am going to use this wherever I travel from now on so I can track them down!

    • Alie C says:

      Aww thanks, The honesty boxes are a goldmine as long as you don’t mind odd shaped produce (why anyone minds is beyond me tho) if only I can find a sponsor to transport me around the country I’d purely blog about vending machines!

  3. Ami Schwabenland says:

    This is fabulous, and I love that you can do a search for an Automat nearby! Just the other day my husband learned there are two Automaten near us, and I was planning on going out today to find them. Then I read your post – great timing! I just tried Regiomat, and there’s one in the next village. I’ll be checking that one out, too. I’m usually really good at planning ahead, but sometimes I miscalculate on eggs or change my mind about what kind of potatoes I want. Knowing there’s an Automat nearby that might solve my problem is comforting!

    Yes, we even get excited about vending machines – with fresh products!

      • Ami Schwabenland says:

        It’s lovely! I found one of them, and it’s small but has potatoes, eggs, cheese, applejuice, honey, noodles, and other products we wouldn’t need (Dosenfleisch). And an Automat for when they’re closed. Without your timely post I might not have bothered yet, but I’m glad I did! Now I know where to go in case of a household egg shortage. 🙂

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