Welcome, welcome back…

Didn’t this used to be Starting over in Stuttgart? Yes, I decided I needed a change and here we are. I’ve updated the older content, added some new content and made it easier to share.

Why Guten Tag Sausage? Where I come from we greet people in the street, whether we know them or not, so it’s my way of saying hi and welcome to the blog. You can probably guess why it’s in German. And sausage? That’s a term of endearment where I’m from, my parents have called me sausage for as long as I can remember, also it’s how I greet my half sausage dog every morning and since Germany is so famous for it’s Wurst the name seemed apt.

However you got here, thanks for coming, have a look around and get in touch if you can’t find what you need at gutentagsausage@gmail.com.

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