Shopping in Germany – #2 Milk Machines

Coming from the UK I am used to drinking fresh pasteurised milk, I wrongly assumed that milk in Germany would be the same. It's not. Here the long-life (langer haltbare) and ultra heat treated (UHT) milk are kings, and until I found the one local supermarket that sold real milk I was having to consider … Continue reading Shopping in Germany – #2 Milk Machines

Shopping In Germany – #1 Vending Machines

Sunday and public holidays in Germany definitely took some getting used to. The apocalyptic silence, the lack of people around and zero bustle of a normal working day still sometimes take me by surprise six years on. And yes, I too still get caught out by those days when Germany is closed. Let me introduce … Continue reading Shopping In Germany – #1 Vending Machines

Shopping In Germany – A series

I got to a point, maybe a year ago when I had settled down and wasn't exploring as much as I usually like to. A lot of time got taken up by a new high maintenance furry household member who shall remain nameless and this blog got put on the back-burner. In an effort to … Continue reading Shopping In Germany – A series

Use your vote

To the readers of this blog who are eligible to vote in the British General Election, this post is for you! For everyone else apologies, meh, maybe you'll learn something. Today is the last day you can register to vote. Register and check eligibility here. Today is the last chance to make your support, your dissatisfaction … Continue reading Use your vote

A beverage paradise

When you spend four years of your life in Franconia, it's safe to say that you'll become a lot more picky about beer. Though I think the same is true for most people that live in Germany for any length of time. Not that the beer in Baden-Württemberg or anywhere else in Germany is bad, … Continue reading A beverage paradise

Adopting a dog from the Tierheim

So as you may have seen, MrC and I adopted a dog from our local Tierheim (animal shelter) last October. Since we had no friends (German or non German, that we knew of) who had adopted an animal from a shelter here we did a lot of googling to find answers to our many, many, many questions. Putting … Continue reading Adopting a dog from the Tierheim

An insider’s guide to Bergkirchweih

Want an authentic beer festival with fresh air, good beer and gemütlichkeit? The city of Erlangen, Bavaria comes alive during it's self proclaimed fifth season of Bergkirchweih. Berg - a mountain (in this case more of a hill) and Kirchweih - A celebration, initially of religious consequence but now a festival celebrated by all. Known simply … Continue reading An insider’s guide to Bergkirchweih

Insider’s guide to Walberlafest

Want an alternative to a traditional beer tent type beer festival? Happy to put a little leg work in to get to an awesome reward? Walberlafest is just what you've been looking for. This is the lowdown, this is an insider's guide to Walberlafest. The History On the first weekend in May the surprisingly positioned and oldest spring … Continue reading Insider’s guide to Walberlafest

Expat Birthdays, always have a plan

There is something about birthdays as an expat which can be, well...a little weird. I've never expected surprise parties or a private jet to NYC. I'm happy with a card, a phone call, even a text. But even being fairly easy going about my birthday it can still be a strange day. The feeling is hard to … Continue reading Expat Birthdays, always have a plan