International women’s clubs

Having never considered myself an 'international woman', I was a little reticent to join a group like this when I first arrived in Germany. However, since I had zero friends, more free time than I knew what to do with and a desperate needed to be around people who actually understood what I was saying, … Continue reading International women’s clubs

Last minute gift ideas

This year I didn't put together an Gifts for expats post, blame a lack of inspiration, maybe next year. But I did connect with Oxfam, who I featured in last years post, and they kindly sent me some more information on Oxfam Unwrapped to share with you. These are gifts for the people who have everything. For those people … Continue reading Last minute gift ideas

English Book Swap Stuttgart

English books can be expensive to buy in Germany and there isn't always a massive choice available, at least that's how I feel. That's why I've started the English Book Swap Stuttgart, a place for readers to swap their pre loved books for more of the same and stop for a cup of tea too. The first meet … Continue reading English Book Swap Stuttgart

A lantern procession

November 11th is the feast day of St Martin or Martinstag here in Germany. Don't worry it's not one of those mid week shop shutting feast days, but you might just run into a horse being ridden through your town followed by a trail of children singing whilst carrying paper lanterns which contain a naked flame. … Continue reading A lantern procession

How Germany changed me #2

I'm a sensitive person, I always have been, other peoples words and actions have wounded me more than any physical contact has ever done. They shouldn't, but they have. I don't sound like the right kind of person to pick up and move to another country do I? I did though (and survived). If you don't … Continue reading How Germany changed me #2

Lederhosen – An explanation

Lederhosen are a type of traditional German dress worn (predominantly) by men. Literally translated, these 'leather trousers' were previously the everyday working clothes of men in Austria and Southern Germany (mainly Bavaria). Their durability, comfort and traditional design have meant that they have grown in popularity as the outfit of choice for any self respecting man … Continue reading Lederhosen – An explanation

The Dirndl – An explanation

The Dirndl is a type of German traditional dress for women which (in my opinion) is suited and incredibly flattering to all women whatever your shape, size or age. Previously worn as everyday working clothes by the women of Austria and southern Germany (mainly Bavaria) the modern Dirndl still retains a traditional silhouette but styles and choices … Continue reading The Dirndl – An explanation

Tracht shopping on a budget

The beginning of September means, that the Freibad is closing soon, I will start getting told off for not wearing a coat by my elderly neighbours, Four seasons in one day, everyday.....and Autumn Volksfest season! At this time of the year you can't help but notice the influx of blue and white checks, the leather trousers, the … Continue reading Tracht shopping on a budget

Visitors – Get prepared

Let's face it, to someone not living it everyday, your expat life sounds freakin' amazing! So it shouldn't be a huge surprise when people want to come and visit you. I love having visitors, those first five minutes of hugs and fun are wonderful, after that, well, it could go either way. No matter how much … Continue reading Visitors – Get prepared

Useful free apps for learners of German

Whilst there are plenty of apps and online outlets out there to help you learn German there are also apps to support your learning and that take up less room than a dictionary in your bag. A decent dictionary is very useful, and Leo is my absolute favourite. I use mine on an almost daily … Continue reading Useful free apps for learners of German