An insider’s guide to Bergkirchweih

Want an authentic beer festival with fresh air, good beer and gemütlichkeit? The city of Erlangen, Bavaria comes alive during it's self proclaimed fifth season of Bergkirchweih. Berg - a mountain (in this case more of a hill) and Kirchweih - A celebration, initially of religious consequence but now a festival celebrated by all. Known simply … Continue reading An insider’s guide to Bergkirchweih

Bergkirchweih – The best beer festival you’ve probably never heard of

Drinking beer and celebrating in the fresh air is one of the best parts of Springtime in Germany and Bergkirchweih is the oldest open air beer festival in Germany. Where? Erlangen, Bavaria. Located to the North West of Nuremberg, Erlangen is a university city dominated by Siemens. If you've ever worked for Siemens, you'll probably … Continue reading Bergkirchweih – The best beer festival you’ve probably never heard of

Insider’s guide to Walberlafest

Want an alternative to a traditional beer tent type beer festival? Happy to put a little leg work in to get to an awesome reward? Walberlafest is just what you've been looking for. This is the lowdown, this is an insider's guide to Walberlafest. The History On the first weekend in May the surprisingly positioned and oldest spring … Continue reading Insider’s guide to Walberlafest

Food Adventures – Weihnachtsmarkt Backnang

Our food expectations for Backnang Weinachtsmarkt were not especially high. Don't misunderstand me I enjoy Christmas Market foods, but, there is only so much Bratwurst one girl can take. Both MrC and I were looking forward to crispy, garlicky Langos and possibly some soup but our minds were soon changed when we saw what was on offer. … Continue reading Food Adventures – Weihnachtsmarkt Backnang

Weihnachtsmarkt Backnang

Smaller towns around here tend to have a Christmas market for just one weekend. Last weekend we headed up to Backnang to check their out for the first time. Why Backnang? well for a start the lovely half timbered, fairytale style town centre, the always impressive and beautifully sparkly Christmas tree and it just so … Continue reading Weihnachtsmarkt Backnang

Forchheim Christmas Market

Heard of Forchheim? Probably not, if you haven't lived in Franconia, and even then lots of people overlook this lovely little town. This is one of my favourite Christmas markets, it’s small, but perfectly formed, great for an hour or two before settling in to one of the towns warm and inviting breweries for dinner. The Christmas … Continue reading Forchheim Christmas Market

Tis the season

One thing Germany does well is Christmas. It’s not so much about the presents, but the presence of family and friends. It’s not about shop ’til you drop, but maintaining an appropriately warming level of Glühwein in your system. It’s not so much rain and (hopefully) some snow. The magic that you felt as a child … Continue reading Tis the season

A lantern procession

November 11th is the feast day of St Martin or Martinstag here in Germany. Don't worry it's not one of those mid week shop shutting feast days, but you might just run into a horse being ridden through your town followed by a trail of children singing whilst carrying paper lanterns which contain a naked flame. … Continue reading A lantern procession


Visiting a Besenwirtschaft (Besen) was top of my list for Baden Württemberg cultural exploration when we moved here, and being new in town (and therefore friendless and in need of a decent night out) it seemed like a good way to find some decent wine ease into a new social scene. What is a Besenwirtschaft? … Continue reading Besenwirtschaft?

How Germany changed me #2

I'm a sensitive person, I always have been, other peoples words and actions have wounded me more than any physical contact has ever done. They shouldn't, but they have. I don't sound like the right kind of person to pick up and move to another country do I? I did though (and survived). If you don't … Continue reading How Germany changed me #2