Young wine time

In Germany at this time of year, suddenly wine starts appearing on the fruit and veg stalls at the market and in the food chiller section of the supermarket, signs go up at vineyards and a new Kuchen appears in the bakery. The bottle looks like wine but it may be labelled as Neuer Sußer, Junger wein, Sauser, Bremser, … Continue reading Young wine time

Weinwanderungen for beginners

The weather was stinking hot good last weekend so we decided to combine two pastimes, fresh air and wine! And no this wasn't just drinking wine on the balcony, this was a hike stroll through the beautiful vineyards with stops to taste the wine that results from said vineyards. Our very first Weinwanderung or wine walk. … Continue reading Weinwanderungen for beginners

My final countdown

As you all know The big five get through to the final automatically because of their financial part in the competition so most viewers will only get to see them on the actual night itself, and it's not long now. I'll be brief in my rundown of the ones to look out for. Germany - … Continue reading My final countdown

Eurovision semi finals 2015

I wasn't even expecting to watch, let alone enjoy the semi finals, but I'm glad I finished my book so I could settle in and check it out. I had the British commentary (using which worked really well for once, online streaming, free online streaming at that) and it didn't disappoint. The show was … Continue reading Eurovision semi finals 2015

Nul points….the ultimate Eurovision failure

The French for zero points has been adopted by the British public for this one event of the year. Scores are announced in English and French on Eurovision night and this dubious accolade is shared by a few of the competing countries, almost always deserved, most countries have bounced back from this ultimate failure. Germany received … Continue reading Nul points….the ultimate Eurovision failure

Eurovision success – UK & Germany

1 - Sandi Shaw - Puppet on a string (1967) WIN - We are still in black and white here but you can hear the song is a Eurovision classic very sweet and catchy (but with undertones of psychotic woman, see Lena too). 2 - Lulu - Boom Bang-a-bang (1969) WIN - Utterly catchy, you … Continue reading Eurovision success – UK & Germany

Eurovision basics

So you want to know about Eurovision? Where? The final is held in the country of the previous years winner. There have been exceptions to this rule however usually due to the expense. Hosting doesn't come cheap. Do countries try not to win because of the expense? hmm UK I'm looking at you 😉 The … Continue reading Eurovision basics

Donnerstag drinking

This week we found a drink superstore. This is not your usual drinks market oh no this place is huge, and had (almost) everything you could want drinks wise. Right by the front door is a big selection of modern German craft beers. Who knew there were so many? we were there for at least 20 minutes … Continue reading Donnerstag drinking

A weekend in Heidelberg

Having spent a wet and cold couple of hours in Heidelberg early this year I was keen to go back and actually see the city. Not that the inside of a coffee shop and a burger joint aren't lovely places to while away the time when it's -1 outside but the architecture made me want … Continue reading A weekend in Heidelberg