Eurovision Bingo

No, the obsession has not gone away, but i'm playing catch up this year, I haven't even checked if there are enough snacks and beer in the house! Why do I love Eurovision? If you don't know what I'm talking about, maybe you'll be enjoying Eurovision for the first time, check out my Eurovision basics, … Continue reading Eurovision Bingo

Annafest – The forest beer festival you’ve probably never heard of

In Catholic Bavaria many festivals have their roots in traditional feast days and Annafest is no different. The celebration of St Anne, the mother of the Virgin Mary, means 11 days of beer and celebration, in a forest, on a hill. Where? Forchheim, Bavaria. Known as the gateway to Franconian Switzerland, this pretty half timbered town … Continue reading Annafest – The forest beer festival you’ve probably never heard of

Copenhagen Street Food Market

The whole concept of street food and food trucks in general is one that I really love. If you feel the same Copenhagen Street Food Market is going to be somewhere you NEED to visit. When 'street food' arrived in Germany, well at least Southern Germany, the concept got a little lost. The food is … Continue reading Copenhagen Street Food Market

Summer Solstice in Denmark

I once 'celebrated' summer solstice with my friends in a field with very sweet wine, a great deal of talk about the possibilities of time travel and a lot of games of shag, marry, kill. I'd like to point out that this is not the official way the British celebrate the solstice but it's the only way … Continue reading Summer Solstice in Denmark

Insider’s guide to Walberlafest

Want an alternative to a traditional beer tent type beer festival? Happy to put a little leg work in to get to an awesome reward? Walberlafest is just what you've been looking for. This is the lowdown, this is an insider's guide to Walberlafest. The History On the first weekend in May the surprisingly positioned and oldest spring … Continue reading Insider’s guide to Walberlafest

Insider’s guide to Annafest

If you want a festival with history behind it you can't beat the Annafest in Forchheim, Bayern. In celebration of the feast day of St Anne (mother of the Virgin Mary) Annafest is a 10 day long beer festival held in the Forchheim Kellerwald. The Kellerwald is a hilly forest on the edge of town, where … Continue reading Insider’s guide to Annafest

Insider’s Guide to (beer) Festivals in Germany

Volksfest, Frühlingsfest, Altstadtfest and almost anything ending in the word fest in Germany equals one thing to a foreigner (like myself) and that's a beer festival. Whilst such festivals are not (necessarily) celebrating beer but Das Volk (the people), Der Frühling (the spring) and Die Altstadt (The old town) one of the constituent parts of … Continue reading Insider’s Guide to (beer) Festivals in Germany

My travel essentials – Face & Body

I'm travelling a lot in the next few months so I needed to put together a simple basic makeup kit that would be good for everyday as well as for nights out. I don't like taking a lot of makeup away with me, it takes up valuable shoe space as far as I'm concerned but, I … Continue reading My travel essentials – Face & Body

A little French excursion

Since last Thursday was the last public holiday (in Baden Württemberg at least) until October we decided to make the most of the day and head to the nearest country that was open for business, France. The weather turned out to be crazy hot so two and a bit hours in an air conditioned car … Continue reading A little French excursion

Blogtober – A taste of England in Munich

So a couple of weeks back we spent a weekend in Munich. It was not the best timing since we had just moved, but we had booked it at least 9 months ago, in a time before we'd ever even considered moving, and it was actually pretty great to get away from the boxes for … Continue reading Blogtober – A taste of England in Munich