Welcome, welcome back…

Didn't this used to be Starting over in Stuttgart? Yes, I decided I needed a change and here we are. I've updated the older content, added some new content and made it easier to share. Why Guten Tag Sausage? Where I come from we greet people in the street, whether we know them or not, … Continue reading Welcome, welcome back…

Twenty Seventeen

Welcome to 2017, or rather welcome to my blog in 2017, I haven't been named official ambassador for the year or anything.  After a beautifully peaceful and food filled festive season in Germany I'm actually looking forward to the year ahead. It's true that you can start your 'year' at any time. Make a fresh … Continue reading Twenty Seventeen

Last Christmas

The Christmas just passed wasn't the same as the ones before it. Two more seats were empty. There are holes in our lives and in our hearts. Just keep on swimming. Going through the motions, slowly, purposefully, taking care over words, sidestepping people, music and memories. Just keep on swimming. The quiet times to sit and … Continue reading Last Christmas

The call

It's Wednesday December 2015 and I'm waiting for a call. The call. The one you never want to receive but know is coming. There have been a lot of calls in the past few weeks, more than is usual. Text and Email, though both perfectly valid forms of communication, just aren't enough, not for these … Continue reading The call

Forchheim Christmas Market

Heard of Forchheim? Probably not, if you haven't lived in Franconia, and even then lots of people overlook this lovely little town. This is one of my favourite Christmas markets, it’s small, but perfectly formed, great for an hour or two before settling in to one of the towns warm and inviting breweries for dinner. The Christmas … Continue reading Forchheim Christmas Market

Tis the season

One thing Germany does well is Christmas. It’s not so much about the presents, but the presence of family and friends. It’s not about shop ’til you drop, but maintaining an appropriately warming level of Glühwein in your system. It’s not so much rain and (hopefully) some snow. The magic that you felt as a child … Continue reading Tis the season

5 tips for buying your first Dirndl

This isn't an official 'tip' as such but shopping for a Dirndl is so much more fun with company. Take your partner, so you can go matchy matchy, a friend, for a sincere opinion and so you don't match (unless you want to) or a group, for big laughs and plenty of helping hands to … Continue reading 5 tips for buying your first Dirndl

Tea Tuesday #2

Todays chat is powered by Lemon cake tea, very unusual for me since I'm generally drawn to more bitter flavours. It was actually the smell emanating from the pack, of pure lemon drizzle cake which meant that there was no question over whether this was coming home with me. Less calories but a sufficiently satisfied … Continue reading Tea Tuesday #2