Twenty Seventeen

Welcome to 2017, or rather welcome to my blog in 2017, I haven't been named official ambassador for the year or anything.  After a beautifully peaceful and food filled festive season in Germany I'm actually looking forward to the year ahead. It's true that you can start your 'year' at any time. Make a fresh … Continue reading Twenty Seventeen

Adopting a dog from the Tierheim

So as you may have seen, MrC and I adopted a dog from our local Tierheim (animal shelter) last October. Since we had no friends (German or non German, that we knew of) who had adopted an animal from a shelter here we did a lot of googling to find answers to our many, many, many questions. Putting … Continue reading Adopting a dog from the Tierheim

Schiller Week 2016

I'm guessing that most people have heard of  of Friedrich Schiller. One of Germany's favourite literary sons, friend of Goethe, was born right here in Württemberg (before it got joined to Baden) on this day in 1758 in the pretty town of Marbach am Neckar.In celebration of his life a few events are happening this week, and on … Continue reading Schiller Week 2016

A little announcement

October was indeed a good month. It was crazy stressful and busy but utterly rewarding because on the 22nd October 2016 we finally adopted a dog. We have been wanting a dog for a long time, but the timing never really worked out. It has been really frustrating. We have been visiting a local Tierheim since March … Continue reading A little announcement

Hello again

It's been a while. I've purposely neglected my blog to deal with, well, my grief. The last year has been a particularly tough one. The kicks just kept on coming and it wasn't until September that I really, truly, felt better, or like myself again anyway. I've sat down and written loads of posts that will remain … Continue reading Hello again

Annafest – The forest beer festival you’ve probably never heard of

In Catholic Bavaria many festivals have their roots in traditional feast days and Annafest is no different. The celebration of St Anne, the mother of the Virgin Mary, means 11 days of beer and celebration, in a forest, on a hill. Where? Forchheim, Bavaria. Known as the gateway to Franconian Switzerland, this pretty half timbered town … Continue reading Annafest – The forest beer festival you’ve probably never heard of

Copenhagen Street Food Market

The whole concept of street food and food trucks in general is one that I really love. If you feel the same Copenhagen Street Food Market is going to be somewhere you NEED to visit. When 'street food' arrived in Germany, well at least Southern Germany, the concept got a little lost. The food is … Continue reading Copenhagen Street Food Market

One week on…

I posted this picture on Thursday, I never imagined that I would wake up to a country on the path to becoming separated from the EU. I don't usually call my husband a liar as soon as I wake up, I don't usually exchange expletives via text with my parents, I'm not often completely … Continue reading One week on…

Summer Solstice in Denmark

I once 'celebrated' summer solstice with my friends in a field with very sweet wine, a great deal of talk about the possibilities of time travel and a lot of games of shag, marry, kill. I'd like to point out that this is not the official way the British celebrate the solstice but it's the only way … Continue reading Summer Solstice in Denmark