The last night of Bergkirchweih

Germany loves ceremony. Every event I've ever been to, from the opening of a farm shop for the season, to a concert at the Town Hall is preceded by long speech during which everyone in the world is thanked (in great detail) and the assembled audience waits patiently and claps with gusto (to wake those who … Continue reading The last night of Bergkirchweih

My Eurovision Favourites 2016

Before I get onto the funnies, and usual Eurovision shiny happy people, I think it's worth drawing some attention to the first semi final interval act. The grey people... The hosts of the night explained Eurovision in an utterly adorable way in semi final 2, someone has been watching 'The Producers', it's definitely worth a … Continue reading My Eurovision Favourites 2016

What I love about Eurovision

Unless you follow me on twitter you haven't been bombarded with my little obsession this year yet, but now the semis are over and done with and I have a few minutes spare I wanted to explain myself. If you've never heard of Eurovision, you might want to go here first and maybe here to get … Continue reading What I love about Eurovision

An insider’s guide to Bergkirchweih

Want an authentic beer festival with fresh air, good beer and gemütlichkeit? The city of Erlangen, Bavaria comes alive during it's self proclaimed fifth season of Bergkirchweih. Berg - a mountain (in this case more of a hill) and Kirchweih - A celebration, initially of religious consequence but now a festival celebrated by all. Known simply … Continue reading An insider’s guide to Bergkirchweih

Bergkirchweih – The best beer festival you’ve probably never heard of

Drinking beer and celebrating in the fresh air is one of the best parts of Springtime in Germany and Bergkirchweih is the oldest open air beer festival in Germany. Where? Erlangen, Bavaria. Located to the North West of Nuremberg, Erlangen is a university city dominated by Siemens. If you've ever worked for Siemens, you'll probably … Continue reading Bergkirchweih – The best beer festival you’ve probably never heard of

Tea Tuesday

We meet again. This is the post that shares a little bit of everything, a catch up, a progress report and plans for the future. And all written in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea. Today my chosen tea is a seasonal speciality, Japanese cherry blossom. Whilst I'm not mad keen on artificial … Continue reading Tea Tuesday

Insider’s guide to Walberlafest

Want an alternative to a traditional beer tent type beer festival? Happy to put a little leg work in to get to an awesome reward? Walberlafest is just what you've been looking for. This is the lowdown, this is an insider's guide to Walberlafest. The History On the first weekend in May the surprisingly positioned and oldest spring … Continue reading Insider’s guide to Walberlafest

Expat Birthdays, always have a plan

There is something about birthdays as an expat which can be, well...a little weird. I've never expected surprise parties or a private jet to NYC. I'm happy with a card, a phone call, even a text. But even being fairly easy going about my birthday it can still be a strange day. The feeling is hard to … Continue reading Expat Birthdays, always have a plan