International women’s clubs

Having never considered myself an 'international woman', I was a little reticent to join a group like this when I first arrived in Germany. However, since I had zero friends, more free time than I knew what to do with and a desperate needed to be around people who actually understood what I was saying, … Continue reading International women’s clubs

Loves lately #3

New year, new loves. Hibernation and a nasty stomach bug have meant I haven't been out and about as much this year, now out I'm planning on seeing everything. Media The wonderful wonderful Tracey Ullman is back on the BBC, she has some utterly fabulous characters including Angela Merkel and Dame Judi Dench in her … Continue reading Loves lately #3

Pancakes and krapfen

It's Faschingsdienstag already! The year is racing past so fast, Easter will be here in the blink of an eye. This year I've avoided the traditional Fastnacht parade (possibly still scarred from last year) in Baden-Württemberg and haven't even made it to a Fasching parade in Franconia. Blame the crappy weather, the vomiting virus or that general … Continue reading Pancakes and krapfen

Last Christmas

The Christmas just passed wasn't the same as the ones before it. Two more seats were empty. There are holes in our lives and in our hearts. Just keep on swimming. Going through the motions, slowly, purposefully, taking care over words, sidestepping people, music and memories. Just keep on swimming. The quiet times to sit and … Continue reading Last Christmas

The call

It's Wednesday December 2015 and I'm waiting for a call. The call. The one you never want to receive but know is coming. There have been a lot of calls in the past few weeks, more than is usual. Text and Email, though both perfectly valid forms of communication, just aren't enough, not for these … Continue reading The call

Last minute gift ideas

This year I didn't put together an Gifts for expats post, blame a lack of inspiration, maybe next year. But I did connect with Oxfam, who I featured in last years post, and they kindly sent me some more information on Oxfam Unwrapped to share with you. These are gifts for the people who have everything. For those people … Continue reading Last minute gift ideas

Food Adventures – Weihnachtsmarkt Backnang

Our food expectations for Backnang Weinachtsmarkt were not especially high. Don't misunderstand me I enjoy Christmas Market foods, but, there is only so much Bratwurst one girl can take. Both MrC and I were looking forward to crispy, garlicky Langos and possibly some soup but our minds were soon changed when we saw what was on offer. … Continue reading Food Adventures – Weihnachtsmarkt Backnang

Weihnachtsmarkt Backnang

Smaller towns around here tend to have a Christmas market for just one weekend. Last weekend we headed up to Backnang to check their out for the first time. Why Backnang? well for a start the lovely half timbered, fairytale style town centre, the always impressive and beautifully sparkly Christmas tree and it just so … Continue reading Weihnachtsmarkt Backnang

English Book Swap Stuttgart

English books can be expensive to buy in Germany and there isn't always a massive choice available, at least that's how I feel. That's why I've started the English Book Swap Stuttgart, a place for readers to swap their pre loved books for more of the same and stop for a cup of tea too. The first meet … Continue reading English Book Swap Stuttgart