One year ago… was probably one of the most fabulous days. This was the day we adopted our dog, our third musketeer, our ball of fluff, equal lover of cuddles and all things edible. We adopted him from a local Tierheim (animal shelter), if you are interested in doing the same I have some useful information for … Continue reading One year ago…

Adopting a dog from the Tierheim

So as you may have seen, MrC and I adopted a dog from our local Tierheim (animal shelter) last October. Since we had no friends (German or non German, that we knew of) who had adopted an animal from a shelter here we did a lot of googling to find answers to our many, many, many questions. Putting … Continue reading Adopting a dog from the Tierheim

A little announcement

October was indeed a good month. It was crazy stressful and busy but utterly rewarding because on the 22nd October 2016 we finally adopted a dog. We have been wanting a dog for a long time, but the timing never really worked out. It has been really frustrating. We have been visiting a local Tierheim since March … Continue reading A little announcement