Weihnachtsmarkt Backnang

Smaller towns around here tend to have a Christmas market for just one weekend. Last weekend we headed up to Backnang to check their out for the first time. Why Backnang? well for a start the lovely half timbered, fairytale style town centre, the always impressive and beautifully sparkly Christmas tree and it just so … Continue reading Weihnachtsmarkt Backnang

A weekend in Heidelberg

Having spent a wet and cold couple of hours in Heidelberg early this year I was keen to go back and actually see the city. Not that the inside of a coffee shop and a burger joint aren't lovely places to while away the time when it's -1 outside but the architecture made me want … Continue reading A weekend in Heidelberg

S-Bahn exploring – Beautiful Backnang

An S-bahn is a Stadtschnellbahn (city fast railway literally), these (in addition to other train, tram and bus services) serve not only the city centre but also connect the suburbs and nearby towns and are efficient and cheap ways to travel a region and commute to work. Driving into Stuttgart Mitte is something to avoid … Continue reading S-Bahn exploring – Beautiful Backnang

What I didn’t know about Fastnacht……

So I’ve been in Germany for almost 4 years now, I’ve experienced the beautiful 5th season of Karneval before, I’ve been to Fasching parades and parties, hell, and I’ve even written an Insiders guide to Fasching in Franconia. Maybe I got smug that I ‘had this one covered’ since 'I’ve done this before’, when this happens Germany usually turns around and … Continue reading What I didn’t know about Fastnacht……