Brit food to ease the homesick soul

Sometimes I get hit by a wave of homesick nostalgia for the UK, it is usually accompanied by a craving for food that I can’t buy easily (or cheaply). Once I’ve had a cup of tea and given myself a good talking to I can either give in or ignore, and since ignoring is just … Continue reading Brit food to ease the homesick soul

Remember, remember….

...the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot. Bonfire night is one of my favourite British celebrations, but since Germany doesn't celebrate failed English assassination attempts it's something that I miss out on, every year. Every year it sneaks up on me, Halloween is over and suddenly all my British friends are heading to … Continue reading Remember, remember….

Blogtober – A taste of England in Munich

So a couple of weeks back we spent a weekend in Munich. It was not the best timing since we had just moved, but we had booked it at least 9 months ago, in a time before we'd ever even considered moving, and it was actually pretty great to get away from the boxes for … Continue reading Blogtober – A taste of England in Munich

The lowdown…so far

It’s official, the husband has signed his new work contract and he and I will be packing up our life and moving to Stuttgart in a few months. Wow. Writing that down has made it seem a lot more real. Now we aren’t new to the whole expat thing, except this time there is no end … Continue reading The lowdown…so far