Eurovision Semis 2017

Know all you need to about Eurovision and understand my slight obsession? Skip past the basics and why I love Eurovision. My favourite finalists Belgium - Something a little different here, it's definitely a grower so don't go and make a cup of tea just yet. I struggled with the mix of her very lovely dress and the … Continue reading Eurovision Semis 2017

Eurovision Bingo

No, the obsession has not gone away, but i'm playing catch up this year, I haven't even checked if there are enough snacks and beer in the house! Why do I love Eurovision? If you don't know what I'm talking about, maybe you'll be enjoying Eurovision for the first time, check out my Eurovision basics, … Continue reading Eurovision Bingo

My Eurovision Favourites 2016

Before I get onto the funnies, and usual Eurovision shiny happy people, I think it's worth drawing some attention to the first semi final interval act. The grey people... The hosts of the night explained Eurovision in an utterly adorable way in semi final 2, someone has been watching 'The Producers', it's definitely worth a … Continue reading My Eurovision Favourites 2016

What I love about Eurovision

Unless you follow me on twitter you haven't been bombarded with my little obsession this year yet, but now the semis are over and done with and I have a few minutes spare I wanted to explain myself. If you've never heard of Eurovision, you might want to go here first and maybe here to get … Continue reading What I love about Eurovision


So I know it was over a week ago now but better late than never for my last Eurovision post of the year, right? As it turned out I wasn't home for the actual final, I was staying with the lovely Bavarians for the weekend. Since they are wonderful people and understand accept my Eurovision … Continue reading Finally

My final countdown

As you all know The big five get through to the final automatically because of their financial part in the competition so most viewers will only get to see them on the actual night itself, and it's not long now. I'll be brief in my rundown of the ones to look out for. Germany - … Continue reading My final countdown

Nul points….the ultimate Eurovision failure

The French for zero points has been adopted by the British public for this one event of the year. Scores are announced in English and French on Eurovision night and this dubious accolade is shared by a few of the competing countries, almost always deserved, most countries have bounced back from this ultimate failure. Germany received … Continue reading Nul points….the ultimate Eurovision failure

Eurovision success – UK & Germany

1 - Sandi Shaw - Puppet on a string (1967) WIN - We are still in black and white here but you can hear the song is a Eurovision classic very sweet and catchy (but with undertones of psychotic woman, see Lena too). 2 - Lulu - Boom Bang-a-bang (1969) WIN - Utterly catchy, you … Continue reading Eurovision success – UK & Germany

Eurovision basics

So you want to know about Eurovision? Where? The final is held in the country of the previous years winner. There have been exceptions to this rule however usually due to the expense. Hosting doesn't come cheap. Do countries try not to win because of the expense? hmm UK I'm looking at you 😉 The … Continue reading Eurovision basics

Euro – what?

May brings with it one of my all time favourite programmes of the year, I'm officially outing myself as a lover of the kitchy, glittery, wonderful, so much bad it's good-ness, what else could it be? but 'The Eurovision Song Contest'. Now in my first few years in Germany I had a lot of American friends, … Continue reading Euro – what?