How Germany changed me #3

The years in Germany are punctuated by festivals and celebrations. Always something to look forward to, always something to talk about and always reliably prompt. After Christmas comes Silvester (New Year’s Eve), after Silvester comes Fasching (carnival), after Fasching comes Easter and so on and so on. The comforting regularity of having something to look … Continue reading How Germany changed me #3

How Germany changed me #2

I'm a sensitive person, I always have been, other peoples words and actions have wounded me more than any physical contact has ever done. They shouldn't, but they have. I don't sound like the right kind of person to pick up and move to another country do I? I did though (and survived). If you don't … Continue reading How Germany changed me #2

When are you coming home?

And other things NOT to say to a person visiting their passport country. A visit to the homeland, seeing the family and friends is something that you look forward to so much when you are living abroad. The anticipation of eating all that beautiful delicious food catching up in person is a buzz, but after five minutes with … Continue reading When are you coming home?

How Germany changed me #1

Living for the holidays is something common to I and most of my friends back in the UK. Working very hard is commonplace, and after family, taking care of yourself, renovating your home, seeing your friends you don't end up with a whole heap of free time to ‘be’. When we arrived in Germany (and … Continue reading How Germany changed me #1