Loves lately #3

New year, new loves. Hibernation and a nasty stomach bug have meant I haven't been out and about as much this year, now out I'm planning on seeing everything. Media The wonderful wonderful Tracey Ullman is back on the BBC, she has some utterly fabulous characters including Angela Merkel and Dame Judi Dench in her … Continue reading Loves lately #3

Loves lately #2

Autumn is here and so is four seasons in one day kind of weather. It's neigh on impossible to dress appropriately so you're warm enough to leave the house in the morning and not boiling to death in the sunshine later. Layers, it's all about the layers, bag lady chic. Media Orphan Black is back, somehow … Continue reading Loves lately #2

Loves lately #1

Spring has brought with it some impressively warm weather, it's great, beer gardens are open and evenings are spent relaxing in the sunshine. I've fallen for a whole host of new loves, so I thought I'd share them. Media Peter Kay's new series 'Carshare' on the BBC. I have not laughed so hard in ages, … Continue reading Loves lately #1